Kevin Meredith 23 Sept 21

Just a few weeks ago a professional networking event was winding down at 4th Sector Innovations’ inland Southern California location when a small group of leaders started expressing their angst that our collective efforts were still missing meaningful connections at scale. This venting began to constructively shift to an enthusiastic popping of ideas for new approaches to invigorate and elevate the region. Many of the ideas were focused on realizing the power and magic of bringing seemingly uncommon perspectives together.  

Within twenty-four hours FTR FST was formulated and planning began. As the team began to lay out the purpose and core components of the event, there arose a need to establish a more immediate frame of reference for the festival. Something that would let the true spirit of FTR FST radiate amongst today’s realities. Something that would not only define the inaugural event but also set the tone for any future iterations.

From this perspective, a “Beautifu/ Glitch” emerged.

There are several layers that inform the language and mindset of this year’s theme. The three most influential are the unconventional constraints on the event itself, the role of the unexpected in innovation, and actively interrogating norms to experience something new.

The date of FTR FST is 12 November 21. This provided us with about ten weeks to plan and deliver a brand-new experience. This is a fraction of the time and planning that most events trying to create a large impact require. The fact that we have come together, secured leading experts from across the country, and are elevating expectations daily to reinforce the notion that this festival is itself a Beautifu/ Glitch.

There is also a wonderful connection to innovation and entrepreneurship affiliated with the mindset of a Beautifu/ Glitch. History is defined by accidental discoveries, serendipity, and the amazing outcomes that can result when we embrace the potential of the unexpected. FTR FST is actively carving out a place and mechanism for uncommon collaborations to probe these unusual pathways for value.

Lastly, the normative reference points that shape our daily lives are simultaneously massive and infinitesimal. They come from social media, the news, podcasts, magazines, families, and institutions. Beauty is constantly responding to such forces. It is individually and collective experienced; depending on perspective, background, and where things are heading. FTR FST is experiential beauty to the core.

The more diversity and participation there is in FTR FST will equate to more people being equipped to thrive beyond the confines of any single day. This will require people to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable at times. It is through this friction of experience that we are internally propelled to thrive. Join us.

You are empowered to be your truest self.

To change the narrative.

To create a Beautifu/ Glitch.

A bit about those behind the event: FTR FST is a collaboration between individuals that are investing their full selves to make the region a stronger, more inclusive and thriving place to live and work. Brenee Hendrix, Verious Smith, Chris Hernandez, Sunita Puleo, Scott Brovsky, and Kevin Meredith make up the advisory team and they represent local schools, colleges, universities, governments, start-ups, established companies, and non-profit organizations. Visit to learn more and get involved.