ftr fst

beautifu/ glitch

FTR FST is an active celebration of the future. This exciting, day-long festival brings together seemingly disparate forms of action and expression into an inclusive, collaborative, and powerful experience.

‘This is a call to action for any collaborators that are interested in making the future a more inclusive and authentic place for all.

‘The goal of FTR FST is to unite and elevate our immediate region by enriching capability and increasing access to opportunity; all while honoring individual and collective authenticity in a safe environment.



Creating the conditions for innovation to thrive.

More diversity and participation in FTR FST will equate to more people being equipped to thrive beyond the confines of any single day. This will require people to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable at times. It is through this friction of experience that we are internally propelled to thrive. Join us.

You are empowered to be your truest self.

To change the narrative.

To create a Beautifu/ Glitch.


FTR FST VisionĀ 

Enhance our collective future by inspiring people to authentically do and achieve more than they ever thought possible. To reach beyond the grasp of comfort and create the experiences of tomorrow.



To provide a compellingly experiential way to equalize access to opportunity and provide genuine pathways for people, communities, and the region to persistently prosper together



To create and deliver a multi-dimensional experiential festival that unites and elevates the region by enriching capability and increasing access to opportunity.




Inclusive impact

Push the boundaries

Celebrate authenticity

Be comfortable with the unknown




create the FTR

Take action

any Way you can

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