Sponsorships and GranTs


Make an impact

There are a range of sponsorship and grant packages that provide a wide variety of pathways to positively impact our local community.

Official FTR FST Sponsor

Your generosity in sponsoring FTR FST means the world to us! Thank you for your partnership with The City of Ontario and enabling the promise of "Drones For Good"

Official FTR FST Sponsor

Thank you for helping put FTR FST on the map (literally)! What an awesome way to bring people together and create a better fused reality .

Official FTR FST Sponsor

OntarioNet is providing blazing-fast internet and supporting our sustainable energy goals.

Official FTR FST Sponsor

4th Sector Ontario is the official host of FTR FST and helping us provide Ontario with greater access to innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Official FTR FST Sponsor

Thank you for helping ensure we can create a festival that is able to create a more sustainable and socially equitable event.

Official FTR FST Sponsor

Thank you for being the primary sponsor of the FTR FST Youth Pitch Competition and for leading numerous professional development workshops. We are so lucky to have you leading change in the community.

Sponsorship PAckages

Impact Grants

Precise Contributions in Accessible Denominations

FTR FST Impact Grants are a way for individuals and organizations to focus impact on the things that you care the most about. The number of grants that you would like to support are in your total control. Each FTR FST grant can be secured in $125 increments.

Follow the FTR

We thank our sponsors and partners for allowing FTR FST to be free to EVERYONE SEEKING TO MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT!